Is your unfinished dream of self-publishing your book just eating you up inside?

I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Book mentoring & book creation services for self-publishers.

I guide writers like you on every step of the self-publishing journey.

I will take your precious words and turn them into GORGEOUS printed books in your hands, Kindle books on your screen, and audiobooks in your headphones.

Your project may be a private publication only for friends & family or a book for sale to the wider world.

Either way, I’ll help you achieve your self-publishing goals.

Pile of books on a chair

Do you want to create your very own book?

Book mentoring & book design. Why do you need it? Let me explain.

You have a dream, an idea, wisdom, and hard-won business skills to share.

Or you have an inspiring life story that can change people’s lives.

OR you have a PILE of hand-written journals and scribbled notes that are started but not finished and the GUILT of not producing your book is eating you up inside?

I’m Leesa Ellis, your book mentor & creator.

I will help you create your perfect, gorgeous, WONDERFUL self-published book.

We will use all my professional experience from the last 30 years.

Let’s talk about your book.

I create:

Business books

Coaching workbooks

Self-help books

Personal development books


Children’s picture books


Hello, my name’s Leesa.

I provide book mentoring & book creation services. I’ve been a book designer & formatter since the early ‘90s. A long time ago now. But I’m as passionate about my life’s purpose today as I was back when I first started.

I’m truly, madly, DEEPLY in LOVE with my vocation! I design book covers as well as formatting the interior pages. Both of these kinds of design are my strength as I’ve worked in publishing for decades – over 20 years and counting.

BTW, I started out in print as a graphic designer more than 30 years ago – yes, I’m technically skilled as well as creative.

I offer customised book mentoring & book creation services. I specialise in helping self-publishers to produce their own book. You can then tick that off your bucket list!

I act as a guide for everything from beginning to end in your book project.

Here’s a sample of the book mentoring & book creation services that I provide:

    • Ghostwriter hire (if you need that)
    • Book coaching
    • Editing
    • Book template design
    • Book layout & formatting
    • Cover design
    • Proofreading
    • Print liaison
    • Creating the Kindle edition
    • Digital sales & marketing (preparing an internet launch)
    • Distribution advice
    • Self-publishing guidance & advice
    • Customer order fulfillment advice.

A one-stop book creation shop.

If I don’t do it myself, I have awesome connections to find exactly the right person to do each part of the process.

Consider me your mentor or guide through the world of self-publishing.

I’m based in beautiful Dunedin, New Zealand. My clients are worldwide. I’m SO lucky to have the opportunity to work with people like you all over our planet.

You’re creating a legacy.

I would LOVE to help you bring your gorgeous, truly glorious book to life.

You will be creating your legacy. It will be a true heirloom to hand down to future generations in your family and beyond. Or out to the wider world if it’s a publication for sale!

Find out more about my work and how you can work with me.

Click the links below to visit my book design pages:

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My name’s Leesa.

You can call me The Book Angel!

Why do I go by that description? Because I want to be your “angel” that swoops in to help you make your dream of self-publishing a book come true and all with a smile!

Until a few years ago, I had a dual vocation of book mentor-slash-creator as well as spiritual practitioner. I’m trained as a Diana Cooper School of White Light Angel Teacher. I’m still registered as such but I don’t practice professionally any more. I focus solely on my passion for helping self-publishers now.

So I know a bit about angels, how much they love to help us and how that help is always available to us if we ask.

I certainly don’t claim to be a saint but when it comes to helping people self-publish their books, I like to think that I add a sprinkle of “angelic” unconditional love and genuine good intentions to the mix! I want the very BEST for you and your book. I’m here to help.

POC angel with page corner

Schedule a free Clarity Call to talk to me.

Is it your dream to create a business book? A coaching workbook? A memoir? A cookbook with your family’s treasured recipes? A children’s picture book? Or do you have another type of book that you just can’t WAIT to create?

I’d love to hear ALL about your book! I’ll even treat you to a Starbucks coffee to bring to our meeting.

Let’s connect. I’d sincerely enjoy chatting with you one-on-one about your book.

You can also phone or text me on +64 210 631 505 to set up a Zoom call.

See what my happy clients have to say…

As a first-time author, I couldn’t have been luckier to have Leesa on my side to help me through the process! She was a clear guide throughout the entire process of preparing my manuscript, creating a perfect cover, formatting, and publishing.

She stepped me carefully through the world of self-publishing in a way that empowered me to succeed and feel confident about launching my first novel. In fact, the process was so incredibly smooth and supportive that I’ve chosen her to guide me through publishing the sequel, as well!

Expect Leesa to deliver the highest levels of professional care, with great attention to detail and artistic skill. I give her the highest of recommendations.

Christiane Knight

Author & Fiber Artist, Three Ravens Studio & Press

Leesa formatted my planner and did a beautiful job.

She is always professional, exceptional at what she does, and just as importantly, was always extremely responsive to my messages. It made the experience of working with her an absolute pleasure. 

I would highly, highly recommend. Thanks, Leesa!

Lisa Chamberlain

Author, Wicca Living

Leesa has proven to be exceptionally diligent, very willing, and to always have a ‘can-do’ attitude towards anything we have asked of her.       

She is a very efficient and professional worker with an outstanding turnaround, always delivering very good ’value for investment.

Leesa is a seasoned graphic designer while having the advantage of being educated and literate with the English language as well as typesetting skills – so often lacking with today’s younger designers.   

Leesa is a pleasure to work with, both in an onsite and remote capacity, and we have always found her to be very accessible and easy to communicate with.

We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Leesa’s skills and productivity for any related graphic design and documentation application you may have, so long as we are able to continue to utilize her services also!

Nick Richards

Director & Sales Manager, Industrial Air Systems NZ Ltd

The book speaks for itself, that you have the knowledge to do this. I looked for a person with book manuscript experience to put mine on the computer. You had worked in the publisher world, you were the perfect candidate. You had experience with all facets needed, to publish a book and you did a sterling job. I would recommend you to everyone, who needed your service, regarding book publishing.

Nanny A. van den Oever

Author, Best Life Coaching

I have worked with Leesa for several years and found her knowledge within the book design industry to be invaluable on my own journey of self-publishing.

Leesa has guided me through the technical side, book design and layout, as well as helping me understand the steps needed to get a publication to market.

I would thoroughly recommend Leesa, who is prompt, careful and creative with her skills. She has a lot of talent which can be utilised in areas, such as business cards, leaflets, graphic design and book publishing.

Phyllis Brown

Author & Spiritual Teacher, Phoenix Light Foundation