Ah, business documents. They seem such dry, dusty, and dull publications in theory, don’t they?

In reality, they are the fresh, exciting lifeblood of your small business or company.

To get you thinking, here are a few reasons to consider refreshing or beginning the design of these all-important documents.

1. These documents are critical to your company’s marketing and operation.

What is it that potential clients see when they request a quotation from you? Your written proposal.

How do you keep those all-important shareholders and investors satisfactorily informed about the progress of your company over the last financial year? A shareholder report or annual report.

And what about your current and potential customers? The TRUE lifeblood of your business? How do you let them know about your latest products and services? With your gorgeous, well-planned catalogue – either downloadable from your website, beautifully printed or both!

These documents are critical to your company’s marketing and operation. They are customer or shareholder-facing and thus it is truly necessary for these publications to be functional, well-planned and executed and of course, with an exciting, contemporary design.

2. Your proposal is an important touchpoint between your brand and your prospective client.

It’s so important to stay on-brand with your company documents. Your brand and its touchpoints are EVERY part of your business – how your staff answer the phone, the colour and shapes of your logo, the complimentary gift you send to loyal clients on their birthday and – of course – your business documents.

Your potential client has requested a quotation. The outcome of that quotation depends on many factors such as price, obviously, but also the impression that they make of your company from your proposal design.

Is it professionally formatted – no typos, or incorrect styling? Is it on-brand with your company logos, colours, and other branding elements laid out consistently? And it is ATTRACTIVE? Does your proposal template design “pop” and make your prospect go “WOW!”

Your proposal is what can take your prospective customer over the line to become a current customer. They have LOTS of choices when it comes to choosing with whom they’ll work. Make them choose YOU with a stunning proposal template.

3. Your shareholder or annual report can keep your investors informed and happy.

Shareholders. Investors. So critical to the future growth of your business or company. And it’s also SO critical to keep them satisfactorily informed of progress each financial year. This keeps them on-team and continuing to invest in your “baby” – your company.

A comprehensive shareholder report is an advanced design task – not one to be given to an inexperienced designer. Annual reports tend to be heavily formatted with tables of all-important financial data, and multiple levels of styling for headings, sub-headings and so on. There may also be trees of staff organisational designations, and many photos to be inserted at appropriate points.

A complex job! You need to know that you can TRUST your designer to execute this correctly and also to stay the course. The LAST thing you want is an inexperienced designer flaking out on you or ghosting you half-way through because they can’t cope!

4. An attractive, functional catalogue informs your clients of your latest products and services.

Your current and prospective clients NEED to stay up-to-date with your latest business offerings. Maybe you’ve added a new model of your product. Maybe existing specifications have changed and your current literature is now old news.

A gorgeous, well-thought-out catalogue can have your customers reaching out to you to seal the deal. 
Such a catalogue can be printed, either digitally or – if you’ve got a large print run – by traditional offset methods.

However, it can also be downloadable from your website as a PDF. It’s then available 24/7 for your customers to browse and buy. And if it’s what we call an operable PDF, you can you embed videos, audio, and have clickable links that take them to your website or to email you. A full-on, knock-your-socks off multimedia experience. Just imagine the “WOW!” factor of THAT!

Your business documents are the lifeblood and the life-force of your small business or company. They can be so effective that take your client’s breath away or they can be as flat and unappealing as yesterday’s soggy toast. Which will YOU choose?

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Your business documents are critical to the effective marketing of your small business or company.

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