I heart Christmas and Christmas morning is a very special time to me.

Growing up here in 1970s New Zealand (yes, I’m THAT old LOL), we’d be up at 5 am to run screaming into the lounge to see our gifts under the tree. No sneaking quietly up the hallway for us! Poor Mum and Dad – they would have loved a sleep-in, I’m sure.

We’d have to wait for my elder sister to travel across town to join us. The present-unwrapping didn’t actually take place until about 10 am. It was the purest agony! We’d have our noses pressed hard up to the window waiting for her.

After the gifts were duly swapped and an ocean of wrapping paper swamped the lounge floor, we’d go into the street to show the other kids what we’d all been given. Bikes, new clothes, cool toys – it was a fun part of the day.

And then to the feast… every year Mum would cook a Grand Poulet-brand chicken with home-made stuffing, boiled new potatoes with mint and baby peas. With lots and lots of butter and home-made gravy! Dessert was Christmas plum pudding and custard – very stodgy considering Christmas is in the summertime in New Zealand.

Things are a bit different these days as an adult but my mother still comes to visit me for the day on Christmas Eve. We have a three-course meal, champagne, and hors-d’oeuvres along with small gifts to be given. This year, I’m cooking chicken – the lamb roast was a bust last year LOL!

And how exactly is good book design sweeter than these special memories? Let me explain…

1. Kids can be so noisy, can’t they? But a classic and elegant book layout won’t shout or scream at you.

2. Unlike my elder sister, a beautiful book design won’t take too long to get all dressed up. A professional book designer will speedily and efficiently complete your project for minimum hassle and maximum WOW!

3. Like we did back then, you can proudly show all your friends your new treasure – yours will be your very own AH-mazing book!

4. Forget the huge meal! Good book design is satisfying even in small amounts. If your book is small in physical size or word count, it can still be a delicious, tasty morsel.

5. You’ll be making memories for the present as well as the future. Just like my mother and I spend time together in the holidays every year for a special day of feasting and fun, a gorgeous, truly glorious book will be a wonderful and enduring legacy for you.

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