Ah, toast… we all have our own way of making it. Barely warm, lightly golden, or completely charred, our preferences are unique to us.

Then there is the spread. Natural butter or dairy-free margarine? Corner to corner or a blob in the middle?

And here in the Southern Hemisphere, we have the eternal Battle of the Toppings – Marmite vs. Vegemite!

Whether you like your toast piping hot or cold and crunchy, good book design is even BETTER than this eternal breakfast treat. Let me explain…

1. Good book design can be “cooked” to your liking, even when working with an external designer.

You are in control of your book design. As the client, it is your “baby” and your preferences are paramount. A professional designer will present a proposed layout or two. You are then totally at liberty to request changes or even a total re-design. You are Sovereign of this process and YOU set the controls for your end result. Just like toast but tastier…

2. Smooth or crunchy? No, it’s not peanut butter but instead, the level of edginess in your book design!
Is your book catering to a business-centric audience and you need a slick, smooth, and professional design? Or is it a book for a youth market and you just HAVE to have a cutting-edge, contemporary look and feel with a crunchy bite?
Whatever you require in terms of your design’s tone, a professional designer who is suited to your target audience will be able to provide a stellar layout.
Take a good look at the prospective designer’s portfolio to determine if they actually suit your book’s audience demographic. Now that’s yummy!

3. Ugh! Crusts! Not everyone loves the chewy edge on their morning toast. 
Book design is a skilled job and just like toast with crusts, not every part of it is fun and enjoyable.
There are a LOT of routine tasks that must be performed when designing a book. A professional book designer is not only skilled but has the sheer stamina to see this major job right through to the end.
The LAST thing you want is a designer who will flake out and mishandle your job in any way. Or – heaven forbid – ghost you!
Experience counts and when it comes to book design – like making toast – a truly professional “cook” will take your job from beginning to end with a delicious result!

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