So you’re writing a book and are looking for a professional to produce a gorgeous, truly glorious design and layout for you?
You may have some preconceived ideas about book designers, perhaps. Some may be true and others maybe not.
Let’s break down a few myths about book designers and shine a light on this subject:

1. Book designers are not practical.

Book design is a very organised, and logical field of graphic design. We work to a structured template called a grid. We also use consistent text styling, colour palettes, and placement rules. And then there are the technical considerations of print to add into the mix. 
Of all the fields of graphic design that I have experienced, book design requires practicality above all.

2. Book designers are not creative.
Book design is ordered and follows rules. It doesn’t mean book designers are not creative though – art is important to us. The grid is king but there’s always room to use aesthetics to make it beautiful.

3. Book designers only work on covers or the inside of a book – but not both.
While it’s true that some designers may specialise in book covers while others focus on internal or text pages, a good all-round designer will do a great job of both. The aesthetic skills required for both covers and text overlap – you need to have that eye for design to do a good job of both. If you’ve got a good designer, they’ll be able to do both.

4. Book designers are fussy nitpickers!
Well, you are paying us to be particular! It’s SO important to dot every “i” and cross every “t” in book design. Corrections to text need to be accurately completed as well as alterations to design and design elements such as colours, fonts, and so on. The initial design needs to be solidly constructed according to established text and image placement rules. Your book designer cares enough about your book to be fussy – but hopefully not a bore!

5. Book designers are expensive.
To get a quality job by a creatively and technically skilled book designer, you are paying for those skills and the designer’s experience too. You are engaging a professional service and there is a cost associated with that, just like hiring a lawyer or an accountant. You wouldn’t expect quality work from a cut-price lawyer, would you?
However, a good book designer will be 100% upfront in their quotation about ALL costs. It’s a red flag if “hidden” or “unexpected” costs crop up that get added to the invoice at the end. Your quotation should be set in stone – what you see is what you get and pay!

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