You’ve heard of the digital revolution that is the eBook. And you want to turn your printed manuscript into a downloadable file that your audience can buy through marketplaces such as Amazon Kindle.

It’s not a complicated process but it does need care. Your designer can guide you or you can DIY if you feel like that’s your preferred option.

You’ll need your entire edited and formatted document in Word format (assuming you use Word as your word processing software).

Your designer can export this from your completed page layout file. It may be a minor cost but it is a required one.

Once you have the Word document, you’ll need to format it using something called Styles. Styles are like macros or instructions that package several different steps into one command. You can use a Style, for example, to change font, colour, size, tabs and more, all with one click!

You can edit your Styles from within Word but Kindle will display your book in a generic typeface. However, you can differentiate size, boldness, and so on with your Style.

If your designer has set up your printed book layout efficiently, they will have used Styles within their software. These normally come across into Word easily and you just have to modify them to suit.

You’ll probably want Styles like the following:

  • Chapter number
  • Chapter title
  • Body text
  • Sub-heading

And if you have footnotes or endnotes, you’ll want Styles for those too.

If your text does not translate correctly to Word, you’ll need to apply those Styles to the relevant paragraphs. Just click within the text and then click on the Style name in your Styles Pane in Word.

Once ALL your text is styled, you’ll need to separate anything that is to start on a new page in your eBook with a Page Break. Just click at the beginning of the relevant paragraph and use the Insert menu to add a Page Break.

You’ll need to remove any Headers and Footers and also any page numbers. These do not relate to the final Kindle eBook that your reader will view.

Amazon’s Kindle uploader will accept a .DOCX file so the upload process is not difficult. You can walk through it step-by-step, guided by the instructions that Amazon give during the upload.

You’ll also need to have a suitable graphic of your book cover, ready to add to your final eBook. This is the first thing that people will see when they search for books such as yours so it’s important that it’s clear, high-impact and readable at a small size. A professional designer can guide you here for maximum results.

Hey, pat yourself on the back – you did it! Welcome to the wonderful world of the eBook!

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