We all have a story to share. An amazing autobiography, an incredible family history, a lip-smackingly good (and very personal) family cookbook… 

You may be a fiction writer who specialises in paranormal romance, or you might have a very knowledgeable textbook on hydraulic engineering to share.

We ALL have a book inside us, to paraphrase that famous quote. You have every right to take up the mantle of “Author”, as much as anyone else out there.

Your story is unique and unbelievably inspiring, whether it IS a family history or an illustrated children’s book.

Your book will make a difference to the world. No one else has lived your life or had your experiences. There is only one YOU and only you can tell your story. 

If you’ve been through hardships in life or suffered serious illness or setbacks, telling this tale will inspire others to keep going through their own troubles. 

You could quite literally change the path someone is following. You could even help to create future leaders and change-makers!

If you have a textbook buried deep inside you, you could inspire a multitude of students in your field of knowledge. You will be nurturing future experts.

And if you have a children’s book with a point or theme to share, you will educate and entertain young people all over the world. You can teach them how to express difficult emotions, how to handle the passing of a loved one, how to deal with bullies and so much more.

Your book WILL make a difference. It can’t do otherwise. Books are an ultimately powerful means of communicating ideas and that is what humans are hard-wired to do.

Language is our birthright, more than anything else we may “own” or “have.” 

Experiments in medieval times showed that if babies were denied being taught language – as awful as that it is! – then they will create their OWN language.

Think of the secret language that twins often develop and that only they understand.

We are BORN to share stories, whether fictional or non-fictional. Your story is simply ACHING to be told! The power of print and digital books is beyond doubt and you really can be a part of this revolution, easily and affordably.

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