Every family has its own special delicacies, meals, and treats. 

Maybe your mother made the BEST lasagne or your uncle made melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies.

Perhaps Grandma’s roast chicken with the home-made stuffing and gravy from scratch (never from a packet mix!) just about made you pass out from deliciousness overload.

Wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS to have a permanent record of these recipes, beyond a few scribbled index cards in a box or even a plastic folder?

A truly gorgeous cookbook will create a legacy for future generations. One that will most DEFINITELY be enjoyed!

You can start by collecting up all your family’s most treasured recipes. Put the word out that you’re putting together a cookbook and they will come.

Once you have all the recipes on hand, the next step is to decide on sections. Does your family favour Italian cooking? Should there be a section dedicated to slice and bar baking recipes? Is your family predominately Paleo, Keto, Vegan or Vegetarian?

Your family will have its unique preferences and you can reflect them in your book through the different sections.

Once you have decided on sections or even a theme, you can work on the illustrations. These might be photographs of the actual recipes.

Perhaps you would prefer vintage photos of your family and its get-togethers. Events where you shared this wonderful cooking and made even more wonderful memories together. Dig through your old photo albums for inspiration!

Or you may opt for quirky colourful cartoons that reflect your family’s playful spirit. It’s your book – the sky’s the limit, have fun with it!

Your family will need to be able to easily look up a desired recipe. So an important part of a cookbook is a good Table of Contents. You can prepare this yourself or your book designer will turn this around promptly.

Now to the design and layout – you want your book to be mouth-wateringly BEAUTIFUL. Professional services from an experienced book designer will give you a cookbook to drool over!

It’s worth investing in a designer with substantial hands-on skills. Practical considerations with the printing process require an experienced hand. 

You may only ever produce, say, 20 copies of your book, purely for family for example. But you want it to be a lasting heirloom, a little treasure in book form. And one that will be a pleasure to use!

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A family cookbook is a lasting legacy that you will leave for future and present generations.

I offer a full design & layout package to help you create such an heirloom – a gorgeous, truly glorious book that will be treasured and used for decades to come.

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