Right back to the dawn of time, humans have gathered in groups to share stories. 

Humans are gregarious by nature: we still DO gather in groups to share, to work, to learn and to play. Sharing stories is a natural offshoot of that. 

In former times, this sharing took place verbally around the bonfire. It related to tales of the day’s hunt, close calls and near escapes, stories of spiritual wisdom, of family sagas and the latest news.

Moving on from prehistoric man, monk-scribes in Scriptoriums hand-wrote and illustrated the most gorgeous books. Typically religious texts, the aristocracy – who were educated to read, unlike the general public – commissioned these and kept them in private libraries.

But in the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type. This was a REVOLUTION! It was even recently voted as the most important advance in the history of humankind.

Suddenly, knowledge was available to the masses, where previously it was the exclusive domain of the wealthy and privileged.

Books for everyone! Fiction, non-fiction, children’s picture books, illustrated herbal manuals for the healer, recipe books for the household cook – books of every kind EXPLODED out into the world.

It was still somewhat of a closed shop, however. Publishing books became the domain of publishing houses and were printed – at great expense and with large print runs – on printing presses. 

It was just not financially possible for the average person to print a book. And it was hard work to have your book accepted for publication by a publishing house. This last point is still true.

But in the latter years of the 20th century, another revolution came along. It’s called Print on Demand.

With the invention of computers and digital printing presses, you can now affordably print even ONE copy of your book.

Next level stuff that makes it possible for YOU to share your story or your family’s story in book form!

A permanent, printed heirloom for future generations to enjoy. Your family’s legacy recorded for posterity and a great way to honour an AMAZING story by getting it down in print.

There is power in story. We form deep connection and lasting bonds when are vulnerable and share our personal thoughts and feelings. It’s part of our being as human beings to share in this way.

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