Some authors write their book before they even think about who their audience will be. The inspiration hits so they put pen to paper. Other authors have their target audience in mind and have a marketing plan that will allow them to create a book directly for them. You will probably agree that people think more about how they can solve their own problems, learn something, improve themselves, or be entertained than they do about your book. If you can show them how reading your book helps them achieve these things, you are likely to increase your book sales. Below I will share 5 tips on how to find and market to your book’s target audience. It all starts with defining your target audience.

1. Define your target audience

A lot of authors will ‘define’ their target audience as everyone who likes their book’s topic. Firstly, it is very time consuming and expensive to market to everyone. However, you also don’t want to limit your marketing to your primary readers as this will limit your sales and revenue. Secondly, having clarity around your ideal client will support your writing process. Spend some time visualizing who they are, what they look like, what are their problems, how can you reach them and get clear.

You can then expand your target audience, start with a broad audience and narrow it down to create a few secondary audiences. These are people who are not the primary target but would also be interested in your book.

2. Research this audience

If you are struggling to identify your target audiences, you can identify top-selling books already out there in the world that are within your genre/niche. Recognizing who your competition is may make it easier to identify your potential audience, as it’s likely they will be the same. You can then use the power of social media to gain information on this audience. Look at their posts and interactions, keep an eye out for trends, demographics and habits that can provide you with huge amounts of useful information you can apply to your writing.

When your audience feel like you are speaking to them, you are more likely to convert them into your customers.

3. Connect with your audience regularly

Once you have found your audience, it is important to connect with them regularly and consistently. One way suggested by Gary Vaynerchuk is the $1.80 Strategy. Gary created this strategy as an organic way to grow your Instagram but it can be related to lots of things including getting you noticed by your ideal clients. The $1.80 strategy translates to leaving your personal two cents on the top 9 posts in 10 hashtags relevant to your brand, book topic or niche. By the end you’ve left ‘$1.80’ worth of thoughts online. This may sound like a lot to be doing every day. However, you can adjust it to work for you then do this consistently.

Another way is to start connecting within groups and online communities that have shared interests. You can find this by searching social media groups, searching on Google or even searching blogs. Engaging with your audience is key to marketing to them, being seen and being known as the expert in your field. It is important to not only build influence but build a community, your online platforms are a brilliant way to do this.

4. Create a book cover design that attracts their eye

A book’s cover holds incredible power. This is your first chance of grabbing your customers attention in a short period of time. Genre is an essential part of the cover design; readers want to see a book that has similarities in design to those they normally read in that niche.

Your book cover is also a way to create intrigue straight away, giving your readers an insight of what’s to come within the pages. Think about your themes, your tone and what the content holds for them.

If you are still a bit unsure, share it in fellow author groups or with your inner circle for feedback. If needed, you can then adjust until you have the perfect cover to make the biggest impact when it is released to your ideal readers.

5. Ask for help if needed

There is always help out there if you are struggling. You can reach out to published authors and ask them what process they used; you will find the majority of authors are always happy to support their fellow authors the best that they can. You could reach out to industry professionals, like myself, who can share their knowledge with you and support you every step of the way to publishing your book. It’s important to remember you don’t ever have to be alone in the process.

Now is the time to start building on those connections and building your community. A great way to start is by thinking about the content you are putting out. Share well thought-out content that is relevant to your audience on the platforms where they are most likely to be (think LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs). The most important thing to remember with content is to be consistent and spread your promotion between other content.

Knowing who will buy your book, and why, will help you successfully position your brand in the minds of your ideal customer and support you in building your community. If you are still struggling with this topic, reach out for a Discovery Call with me. I am passionate about supporting authors to make their book dreams a reality and create your legacy.

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