So you want to create a children’s picture book…

Children's pop up book

You love kids and you love making kids smile and laugh.

Or you want to teach children how to deal with difficult feelings. Feelings like anger or loneliness or grief.

You’ve ALWAYS wanted to write a children’s picture book. You have the perfect story to tell and can see the finished product in your imagination.

It’s colourful, GORGEOUS, and professionally produced.

It might be a hardcover or a paperback. It might be in colour or black & white. It might be a coil-bound activity book or a traditional storybook.

Whatever options you choose, it will WOW your young readers!

I help self-publishers bring their dream of creating a kid’s picture book to life.

Your audience might be your own children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren. Or you want to bring your story to the wider world as an item for sale.

I’m your guide on every step of this self-publishing journey. I help with:

    • Illustrator hire (if you need this)
    • Editing & proofreading
    • Designing the book cover
    • Layout & formatting of the interior pages
    • Age-appropriate typography and font selection
    • Dealing with the printing firm for you
    • Uploading a version for sale on Amazon’s Kindle platform
    • Suggestions on how to fulfill customer orders
    • Self-publishing advice and support every step of the way

How many kids will YOU help by making your book happen? Hundreds, if not thousands.

Young lives will change for the better and all because you shared your AMAZING story with them!

You made them happy or you made them think. They now understand ideas and feelings that they didn’t understand before.

You can make a real difference in a child’s life!

Take a look at my calendar below.

I’d love to meet to talk about your book with you. It’s time for this dream to become REAL.

Make an appointment to meet me on Zoom. I’ll even treat you to a Starbucks coffee to bring to our meeting.

You can also phone or text me on +64 210 631 505 to set up that call.