A family cookbook.
Have you ever thought of creating such an heirloom?

Mature couple in a kitchen

Would you like to preserve your treasured family dishes in a professionally produced cookbook?

This will be a lasting legacy for your loved ones..

My name’s Leesa. I’m a book mentor & creator with many years of experience in print design and publishing. Over 25 years in the trade and counting!

I’ve worked on projects that were large, small and everything in-between – including cookbooks.

I can turn your family recipes into a beautiful heirloom book. This will save them for present and future generations. 

Don’t keep precious recipes on scraps of paper in a drawer or between pages of other books. That’s certain to end in tears when they get lost or damaged beyond repair.

You might think, “Why would I WANT to make a family cookbook?”

Here’s the answer to that question for you:

For all tastes: Saving the family recipes

Every Thanksgiving, Grandma made roast turkey with home-made stuffing and gravy-from-scratch. It nearly made you pass out from deliciousness overload!

Wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS to have a permanent record of those recipes? Right now, all you have is a few scribbled index cards in a box or even a plastic folder. A gorgeous cookbook will create a legacy for future generations.

You can start by collecting up all your family’s most treasured recipes. Once you have them all on hand, the next step is to decide on sections. Does your family favour Italian cooking? Should there be a section dedicated to slice and bar baking recipes? Is your family Paleo, Keto, vegan or vegetarian?

Once you have decided on sections, you can work on the illustrations. You can use vintage photos of your family. Dig through your old photo albums for inspiration!

You want your book to be MOUTH-WATERING!

Couple reading a recipe book in the kitchen

Now to the design and layout. You want your book to be MOUTH-WATERING! Using the services of an experienced book designer will give you a cookbook to drool over.

It’s worth investing in a professional with tested skills. Practical considerations with the printing process need an experienced hand. 

You may only ever produce, say, 10 copies of your book for your family. But you want it to be a heritage piece, a little treasure in book form. And one that will be a pleasure to use.

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