Have you got a big, wild, CRAZY dream to create your very own book?

Woman with book and flowers

Do you want to create your own book?

You’re a skilled entrepreneur and you’re wanting to position yourself as an expert in your field.

A business book can help you do that. It can give you a stamp of authority like no other marketing tool can.

You’ve had a fascinating life and you’re feeling the call to get it all down on paper as a memoir or autobiography.

Your experiences have taught you a lot. You want to share that with your loved ones or even the world. There is power in knowledge and community which is what your memoir can offer. Sometimes knowing another person’s journey in life can make ours easier. Telling the story of your journey can make positive changes in other lives.

Or you’re planning to write a self-help book or coaching workbook.

It will teach others how to do what you’ve learned from years of hard-won, hands-on experience. You might be a coach or a healing practitioner. A project like this can take your practice to the next level as you position yourself as the expert that you are. You can also impact hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

I can help you tick the grand vision of creating your own book off your bucket list. I have decades of experience in print design and publishing. I will guide you through the entire process of self-publishing an INCREDIBLE book!

I’m here to serve. Our connection will be a perfect “marriage” of my skill and experience plus your writing chops. Your book can be an explosive, exciting, GORGEOUS, and high-impact creation.

Books change lives. They inform, educate, entertain, thrill, and inspire us. Books take us into another world which is colourful and full of joy or serious and informative.

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