Design for Lightworkers by a Lightworker.

Rainbow coloured eye

I walk a similar path to you.

Besides my 30 years of graphic design experience, I’ve spent over a decade as a Lightworker. My name is Leesa Ellis. I talk to angels. You can too.

As a designer, I have a unique perspective on a spiritual business and what makes it tick. I have an understanding of both the spiritual AND design worlds.

My practical design and print knowledge blend beautifully with my innate intuition. I’m guided by the angels and my Spirit Team with every job I do. I also channel the angels and my personal artistic Muse for powerhouse creative sessions.

Did I mention that I love my work? Because I most sincerely DO!

I do get your need to make a living while still retaining your authenticity and integrity. I get this because I live it myself. I also understand your deep need to serve your clients and make their lives better.

You’re a helper. I am too. You’re fulfilling your life purpose and I am too. Let’s work together to take YOUR spiritual business to the next level.

Here are a few ideas on how I can help you:

  • eBook or book design & formatting. I have over 20 years of experience in the publishing field.
  • Logo design that speaks to the soul of your ideal client. Beautiful AND practical.
  • Swanky new business card design.
  • Website design. This will communicate you, your work, and your spiritual essence to the world.
  • Or – my speciality – mentoring and design for producing your very own deck of Tarot or Oracle cards (I’ve walked that path successfully myself).

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I’m only a Zoom call away! Let’s have a friendly chat about your goals for your spiritual business. We’ll talk about how I can help you achieve them. I’m a good listener and like you with your clients, I really DO want to help.