Custom letterpress design will elevate your stationery wardrobe.

Letterpress type case and type

You have a passion for luxury stationery.

The loveliest design. The finest quality. The feel of the paper and the texture of embossed type. Letterpress printing is your ideal solution.

It’s textural and luxurious in such a way that everyday digital or offset print can’t compete.

Its history goes way, way back. It’s an ancient legacy yet still an elegant option for modern times.

Hello, my name’s Leesa. I’m a letterpress print designer based in beautiful Dunedin, New Zealand. My clients are located all over the globe.

I started in offset and letterpress print design back in the late ’80s. Decades ago now but in my memory, I can still smell the ink in the air and hear the Heidelberg presses running.

Take your personal correspondence to the next level. Bespoke letterpress printed products will put you there.

In consultation with you, I will undertake the design & layout. I then partner with skilled, experienced printers to create the final product.

Here are a few types of stationery that I can provide:

  • Business cards
  • Notelets
  • Compliments slips
  • Envelopes
  • Thank You cards

My designs are completely tailored to your unique VIP correspondence needs. And prepare for an extraordinary experience in customer service! I simply LOVE to spoil my clients.

Every part of your experience with my service will be a true delight. I want the journey to be as enjoyable as the tactile pleasure you will get from your new notelets.

Premium print is only a mouse click away. Schedule your call today.

It’s time to step up to penthouse-level print. Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with me on the house. We’ll talk about how letterpress print can add a shine to your executive stationery wardrobe.